Apple & Android Application & Games Development:

Gaming & Entertainment – We specialize in creating interactive games and applications that help customers over come limitations in; screen size, processing powers and speed sacrifices of hand held devices by creating dynamic apps that are both enjoyable and easy to use.

E-Commerce – We design and create fluid, streamlined e-commerce shopping cart systems designed specifically for Smartphone’s based on our client’s business model and needs.

Social Networking – We can create apps that are designed to work directly with existing online social networks, which offer access to mobile chats, pictures and video sharing.

Augmented Reality – Using your hand held devices camera we are able to create games and apps that can interact with your surroundings to create a whole new dimension of experience unlike ever before.

Custom Utilities – We help clients create mobile portals for existing websites to be used on hand held devices to creating custom built applications based on the customer’s needs and requirements while keeping it all within budget.

And much, much more… All you have to do is let us know your goal, and we’ll customize a solution to reach it…

Web Development:

Here at Black Ladder Studios we design and build websites for all manners of business’ from catalog styled brochure sites to large-scale e-commerce sites with user update capabilities, we strive on finding ways to improve the end users web experience.

E-commerce / Database Driven sites: From shopping cart systems to websites with back-end capabilities that allow clients to update their own websites, we ensure all our systems are designed to run with ease and efficiency in mind.

Brochure sites: From static websites to ones created with dynamic XHTML we ensure that each website we create has been streamlined to run as smoothly and as quickly as possible across all web browsers without sacrificing form and function.

Social Networking sites: In this day and age where directly connecting to your target audience is all part of the new business model, we provide clients with innovative and direct ways to bring the two together as effortlessly as click of a button.

Advertising Solutions:

Every business has a story to tell, so how do you want yours to leave its mark on the world?

We at BLS with our many years experience help our clients deliver relevant, effective campaigns designed to target your preferred audience while achieving your unique goals.

Multi-platform: Through TV, PC, Mobile, Print and other forms of media we'll help you deliver your message directly to your target audience unlike any other.

Search Engine Optimization: Using defining key words, and other Internet savvy methods we help clients move up on the search engine.

Promotional Products: We can help customers develop and create promotional products suitable for magazine add on's as well as event give-a-ways.


Printing Services:

We offer clients a wide range of printing services that include: Booklet printing / Brochure printing / Business Cards / Flyer printing / Folders / Leaflet printing / Letterhead printing / NCR printing / Postcard printing / Spot Color printing / Stationery Packs / Training Manual printing / Presentation printing / Proposal printing / Catalogue printing / Newsletter printing / Booklet Magazine printing.

Other services available to our clients include creating content for print material as well as color spot-checking to ensure that all printing is precise and accurate.

Event and Branding Experiences:

With over 15 years of experience in Event and Branding sector around the globe, we are able to bring our clients events to life through strategic planning and knowing how to market a brand's identity and visual style to their target audience in the most direct way possible.

Some of our services include: Fashion shows / Large-scale mall exhibitions / Gallery exhibitions / Outdoor shows / Trade shows / Pop up stores / Traveling road shows as well as branded apparel and giveaways / Music events / Product launch parties / Corporate sales meetings.

Social Media Management:

With our team of dedicated editors, translators and bloggers we are able to help brands promote their products and services through local social media sites that would otherwise be inaccessible due to different obstacles such as language.

Brand and Talent Account Management: Understanding the difficulties for a company to break into the China market, we help our clients advertise their products and services via China’s most popular social networking sites to give them an edge over their competitors.